What to choose? An apartment or approved plot?

Gated community plots in Kumbakonam yield better ROI than any other investment plans. A small Investment in Kumbakonam can make you wealthier in the long run. The real investment in Kumbakonam grew by 120 per cent during 2019 to 2022.
NRI real estate buyers can make huge profit when they invest in DTCP approved plots in Kumbakonam. Gated community plots is best Houses in Kumbakonam. NRIs can nominate power of attorney till they resell their lands to others.
If you are planning to settle down in Kumbakonam post-retirement, you should buy an apartment that comes with plenty of ultramodern facilities and amenities. If it is only for investment purpose, then NRIs should buy DTCP approved plots from reputed plot promoters like M/s Sujatha Developers.

Investment in Kumbakonam

The services offered by M/s Sujatha developers are listed below.

  • Free lifetime plot maintenance
  • Planting avenue trees in the vacant plots
  • 24/7 surveillance and security services
  • Leasing and renting services
  • Fencing and safeguarding the plots from trespassers.
  • Free land registration and approval services.
    The prices of DTCP approved plots in Kumbakonam have shot-up in the recent months. Whereas, the prices of apartments and homes in Kumbakonam have remained volatile. So, you must buy DTCP approved plots and own them for years.