Residential plots Vs Industrial plots – Which is profitable?

Buying DTCP approved plots in Tanjavur is less complicated than investing in apartments. The cost price of newly built apartments are higher than the value of plots. If you look at the recent development in plot for sale in Thanjavur, the sale volume is phenomenal.

NRI real estate investors consider Thanjavur as safe haven for investment. You may have a question – What is the difference between residential plots and industrial plots. Here is the answer for all of your questions.

land for sale in kumbakonam

Residential plots as the name imply are those which are promoted in prime residential locations like Annalagraharam, Thiruvidaimaruthur, Sakkottai and Crescent Avenue. The market price of plot for sale in Thanjavur is much cheaper than neighboring cities like Madurai, Trichy and Chennai.

Narayani in Thanjavur the industrial plots are those which are constructed inside industrial development complex like SIPCOT. If you are planning to construct engineering, manufacturing and industrial establishments in future, you should decide to buy plots promoted inside the industrial complex.

The advantages of investing in DTCP approved plots are.

  • It guarantees best returns in future
  • The registration procedure is simple
  • The plots are free from disputes and encumbrance.

M/s Sujatha developers are promoting DTCP approved plots in major cities like Tanjavur, Kumbakonam and Chennai.