Qualities to check while buying good residential plots

Buying residential plots is now becoming easier with the help of modern world technology. It is either useful for single-family or multi-family units.

  • While making a land investment in Thanjavur you should consult with the local development authority that comes with your zone for residential use.
  • These types of investments will be more profitable in terms of both commercial as well as residential.
  • If you decide to purchase land, you need to establish an agreement with the seller by mentioning all terms and conditions.

The agreement should include details like price, advance deposit, procedures to complete the sale, and information about property like size and location. After agreeing then go for the registration process. Gather the necessary documentation and then go for the registration process by paying the appropriate registration cost according to your state policies.

developing a plot of land

All the essential paperwork should be done and then go for the next step. Land investment in Thanjavur will involve the title transformation from the old owner to the new one DTCP Approved plots in Thanjavur. Check with the municipal authorities to know the details about the land and revenue records. The property you going to buy should be accessible to the amenities like schools, shopping centres, job opportunities, road accessibility, and connectivity to the important nodes.