Can I build a house on agricultural plots?

As per the prevailing government guidelines and rules, an area marked as farmland or agricultural land is not allowed for residential or commercial constructions. You must explore the parent documents, sale deed and legal documents thoroughly before buying residential plots from promoters.

DTCP approved plots promoted by M/s Sujatha developers at Narayani in Thanjavur are non-agricultural lands. They are free from encumbrances, disputes and legal complications. You can buy the DTCP approved plots at Narayani in Kumbakonam from M/s Sujatha developers and retain them for years.

You should never construct residential homes or apartments on agricultural plots since it is an offense. You must convert the agricultural plots into non-agricultural plots before constructing homes. It is tedious process that extracts plenty of time and energy Shubhamangala Avenue In Kumbakonam.

You can save hard earned money and time when you buy plots at Narayani. M/s Sujatha developers undertake construction projects. You can buy a residential plot from M/s Sujatha and engage this company for construction works. Real estate in Thanjavur properties near world-class educational institutions, catering to families and students alike. There are plenty of agents in Kumbakonam that sell agricultural lands to land buyers and cheat them. You should exercise caution while buying plots at Kumbakonam. You can trust M/s Sujatha developers since it is selling approved plots for the past several years in this city.